Case Study
We created an iPhone app that finds the perfect activity to fit your mood, schedule, and budget, based on your current or planned location.

Find that next adventure and get out and DO.

Vintiri challenges our inner explorer to DO the unexpected and connects us as a community of people that value the currency of life as a chance to interact. DO more. DO it better. DO it with Vintiri. Find the Vintiro in you and discover your next adventure.

The Challenge

We were challenged with creating both and android and ios app that could manage multiple variables, including mood, location, budget and companions and return a list of activities that would not only be relevant but also of interest to the user. We also needed a system to populate the database of activities to ensure that activities were current.

The Solution

The solution was to create a robust database that was accessed by our pinpoint™ platform to determine current location and relevant geofences and delivered via a quick and intuitive interface that provided users with a list of exciting activities and relevant details that met their criteria.

Adventure is our Currency of Life.

Vintiri compels your mindset to find, create and share adventures big and small.

The Results

The result was a highly effective app delivered on both android and ios operating systems that provided users a vast array of current, and topical activities based on the criteria provided. now get out there an DO!