Case Study
Servicon Systems
Servicon System’s (Servicon) mission is to provide customized cleaning experiences and solutions that create measurable value to complex, high-end and critical business environments, delivered by expert managers and an engaged workforce.

To change the face of the cleaning industry through difference-making experiences.

Servicon is an incredible example of a family-owned company who continues to grow and be successful by doing the right things – by focusing on their people, their clients, on sustainability, their community, and more.

The Challenge

Customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, procedures and workflow, metrics, outreach, sales and marketing ... so much data. How does a dynamic whirlwind of a business like Servicon keep it all straight?

A while back Servicon had implemented for this challenge. However, as with many software solution implementations, it hadn’t yet reached its potential. While can do just about everything, sometimes harnessing that incredible power can be daunting, and difficult to envision. However, Servicon knew that could provide a solid foundation for their dynamic operations.

The Solution

SNQ knows how to not only design and track operational workflow in order to drive growth and efficiency, but also knows how to do it using as the foundation. SNQ’s approach always begins with asking "why". The why is the target, and the business objective – or ROI. Then and only then can the power of be truly harnessed to provide the foundation for data driven operations. SNQ provided the expertise to get the implementation back on track, thus readying Servicon to build upon that foundation.

'Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.' Firmly grounded in our core values of quality, integrity, respect and sustainability, we take pride in setting the bar high for the entire industry, not just with our top executives, but with our managers and every employee in the Servicon family.

The Results

Servicon is on track – with a technology future that can only be described as exhilarating. With at its core, new initiatives are on the horizon such as mobile integration to their team in the field, identifying opportunities to provide extra service to clients while in the field, stronger operational measurement based on relevant and timely data, and more. And at the core – innovation.