Case Study
SCV Birth Center
Babies have been born into the hands of midwives for thousands of years. The SCV Birth Center midwives honor a woman’s natural ability to birth her baby while ensuring her safety through extensive training and skill.

SCV Birth Center midwives are trained healthcare providers, licensed by the California Medical Board, who are experts in normal, low-risk care during the prenatal, delivery, and postpartum periods.

Where you have your child birth is a uniquely personal decision, based on trust and confidence.

Personal. Safe. Comfortable. Inviting. Just some of the words the families of the SCV Birth Center use to describe how they feel in the care of the SCV Birth Center. Every visit is like coming home to your friends and family. The people, the ambiance, the rooms – all set up to celebrate the joy and exhilaration that is natural birth and becoming a parent.

The Challenge

How do you even begin to share the uniquely personal experience and feeling of bringing your child into the world in a birth center versus a hospital? Whereas having a child in a hospital may seem like the de facto solution, in fact midwifery has the history and the track record of thousands of years. How do you share this wonder, supported by licensed, medical expertise, while creating a personal and emotional connection?

The Solution

SNQ loved this project. We have always focused on long-term relationships with clients with whom we share a passion for doing great things. People who support the lives of their families, friends, and the customers they touch with all of their being. We knew we could not only convey the personal wonder of the people and facility of the SCV Birth Center, but also present it in a way that also made business sense for the SCV Birth Center.

"There really are no words. I would have not made it through this pregnancy without your care, compassion, energy, strength, knowledge, kindness, support, friendship... the list could go on. Every woman should have the experience I had with you. I feel so blessed to have found you. You have helped me build a network of support that I didn't have before. You truly care about people. You always will have a piece of my heart for what you have done."
~ Staci

The Results

The SCV Birth Center website truly captures the joy, excitement, and love of the SCV Birth Center, while still presenting the credentials, education, and training of the staff. It speaks from their hearts, and creates that first initial connection between a mother to be, and the wonderful option that is a birth center.