Case Study
We created an ios dating app that used snapchat-styled video feeds to create an innovative match discovery platform.

a cutting edge dating app with a revolutionary match making platform.

Wyldfire, the ladies-led dating app, announced its plans to launch Heartbeat, a new Snapchat-style video model for online dating. This markED the first of any dating network to enable mobile video and sharing as part of its match discovery platform and we were called in to make it happen.

The Challenge

we were tasked with creating an online dating app that used innovative match discovery technology and a live video feed to stand out in a heavily saturated market of competing products.

The Solution

The solution was to build a robust match making engine that was easily updated daily using technology that sat gracefully behind a streamlined, slick user interface that allowed users to upload and annotate videos that could be viewed on a constantly updated timeline and encouraged lively interaction between possible matches.

Heartbeat is about establishing genuine human connection, in an instant.

This is the future of online dating.

The Results

we created a polished app that demonstrated heartbeat's ability to create informed and accurate matches within a fun video-centric environment that was ladies-led and safe.