Case Study
We created an iPhone app that makes
connecting to other nearby professionals
fast, fun, and easy - without business

Lose the business card and start networking like a monster!

cardmonster was conceived to allow professionals the ability to connect and share information as well as organize meet-ups, all without the need for traditional business cards, and we built and launched the initial offering.

The Challenge

We were challenged with creating an app that seamlessly integrated users’ Linkedin profiles and allowed them to connect in real-time and facilitate the exchange of information as well as the ability to use location as a factor when determining what other nearby users would be targets of interest for connection based on shared skills or experience.

The Solution

The solution was to build a robust yet streamlined interface that curated information from linkedin and then used our pinpoint™ technology to devise location and proximity to other users to create a real-time map of potential persons of interest. We built an optimized server system to handle data transfer in a timely manner and an intuitive interface for quickly sharing information and creating a contact.

CardMonster is a record of all the awesome, like-minded business professionals you’ve met in person, without the antiquated Rolodex or card holder.

or paper cuts. 

The Results

The result was a polished, intuitive and visually pleasing ios app that allowed users to quickly identify people of interest in a particular area or event and quickly exchange contact information, without the need of trading physical business cards. It's time to trade like a monster!